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Insulation Energy Appraisals Uncover Tremendous Opportunities for Insulation Upgrades

The growing number of Insulation Energy Appraisers who have been certified through NIA's Insulation Energy Appraisal Program are on the road identifying the tremendous savings opportunities that exist for installing insulation upgrades. This photo essay shows examples of what they are seeing and the potential savings they have identified.

The savings noted are based on $6/MCF for natural gas.

E410 head and partially uninsulated exchanger (4 lf of 24" I.D. insulation).
Estimated fuel cost savings would be $3,974 per year if unit were insulated properly.

16" NPS valve on 900 lb steam system - wet, and damaged fiber and cement insulation
Energy loss is $3,276/year. An insulation upgrade would potentially save $3,046/year.

8" NPS sweeping elbow on 900 lb steam system
Elbow was two-thirds uninsulated and costing $5,706 to operate. Natural gas savings with 3" thick installed perlite insulation and jacketing would be $5,452 per year.

(#7 and #9)
Storage tank operating at 145°F and piping operating at 185°F.
If 1000 sq. ft. of vertical side wall of tank were insulated with 2" thick cellular glass, potential savings would be 128,000,000 Btu and $9,179 per year. If approximately 9 lineal feet of piping were insulated, 91,400,000 Btu of steam energy per year and $710 of natural gas per year would not be lost.

New uninsulated pipe containing 185°F process liquid
If 12 lineal feet of pipe were insulated with 2" thick cellular glass and jacketing the savings would be 96,900,000 Btu/year and $753 in natural gas/year.

420°F 8" NPS steam line was repaired but insulation was not replaced
The cost of natural gas to replace steam energy loss from bare surfaces is $2,219/year. If the insulation were replaced the savings would be $2,121/year.

This article appeared in the October/November 2001 issue of NIA News.

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