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Polyguard Products

Patrick J. Dunn
3801 South Interstate 45
Ennis, Texas 75119

Polyguard produces systems which protect insulated pipe and ductwork. Our Alumaguard® system protects exterior ductwork, providing a reliable weather barrier while reducing cost relative to fabricated ductwork. Our Insulrap™ line, introduced in the mid 1980s, was the first waterproofing insulation cover. Today Insulrap™ is used worldwide by the largest petrochemical and food producers. In the past year the Insulrap™ line has been supplemented by the ZeroPerm® line of industrial vapor barriers. In situations where CUI is a concern, Polyguard’s patented RG-2400® series of ReactiveGel® products, used with our waterproofing membranes and vapor barriers, have solved many industrial CUI problems without dangerous or expensive application methods.

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